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Speaker adaptation data for Real-time demo in EMIME project.
These data are recorded by Nokia mobile phone N97 mini.

1, 100/100 Chn/Eng parallel utterances from Nokia Phrasebook database. Transcripts please see phasebook_Chn.txt and phrasebook_Eng.txt

2, 100/100 Chn/Eng non-parallel utterances from SMS database. Transcripts please see SMS_Chn.txt and SMS_Eng.txt

3, seven speakers' data, 400 utterances for each speaker. The filename is named as '$name_$gender_$language_$id_$type.wav'. Here  variable 'type' is selected from 'phr' or 'sms'.

4, Sample rate: 8KHz

5, All data need about 200MB space to place after unzip.

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